Thursday 10 July 2014

Niagara Falls

What can I possibly say about Niagara Falls? Probably the best day out we've ever done as a family, a waterfall kept us entertained for an entire day. We decided that we would take the kids to another new country, so elected to "do" Niagara from the Canadian side, and in any event the views are probably a bit better as you can see the whole panorama. So after queuing at the border for a bit, and all getting stamps in our passports, we found ourselves in Ontario and looking out over a simply astounding spectacle.

It has to be seen to be believed - the volume of water going over is stunning - an incredible flow. It is breathtaking, you just stand and look at it and don't know what to say. Even Snuffi, usually very vocal, was dumbstruck. You can see the falls, or rather the cloud of spray created by the falls, from miles away. When you get there you realise why - it's because they're utterly enormous. If you stand anywhere near the main horseshoe falls, you get a good soaking, but we decided to go one better and go on a boat that sails you close in to the bottom of them. Then you get properly wet! I cannot tell you how much the kids enjoyed this! Hell, we all did! The boat provides a disposable poncho, but the wind down there blows it all over the place and you do end up wet, but we didn't mind. One of the great experiences, and something we'll always remember. The boat takes you all the way in and then just holds against the current - it visits American Falls first, and then goes right into the middle of the Horseshoe Falls. The noise, the power, amazing. And with Ring-billed Gulls and Double-Crested Cormorants zipping past as you approach! We've kind of resisted doing big trips with the kids up until now, but with our youngest now nearly seven, it's definitely time to start exploring. A family of five makes for pretty expensive holidays, but it was worth every cent.


We also went up the tall tower thing whose name I have forgotten, so Canada squeezed a lot out of us, but we didn't care, as thrown into the deal we also got real Canada Geese from Canada! Check these guys out, location location location - undeniable!

The views from the top of the tower (Skylon?) were immense, miles in every direction, though we only really looked one way, south-east. And when we were all done in Canada, we repeated the experience from the American side. This was less tacky and touristy than the Canadian side, but the views were no way near as good. However we did get Utah in one of the car parks, which was a major coup, and we also got to watch a couple with a combined weight of 700lb tie the knot, which was of course very touching.
That evening, back in Buffalo, we agreed that this had been the perfect end to our little trip, and that we wanted to do more. I think I can arrange that! We had a large dinner (aka a snack in the USA) that evening, and the next morning drove back through NY and PA to OH for the Birthday party, the whole point of the trip.

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