Tuesday 4 March 2014

Wanstead list marches on

I've not mentioned Wanstead recently, I may be forced to give up the blog title and hand it to somebody worthier. However today all that changed. It was a lovely morning, and so with a spring in my step I exited my house on the way to work. Within a few paces I heard a Blackcap singing. It felt wrong, as I hadn't driven to it. I thought about walking ten yards back to the house, and getting in the car, but sadly didn't have the time and carried on to the joys of the Central Line. This marks the first patch year tick since January 25th, which is probably also the last time I spent any meaningful time on the patch. This is beyond terrible, but entirely predictable. As I stated earlier in the year, I knew deep down that I probably wouldn't bother much this year, as I just don't gain as much enjoyment from it as I used to. Such is life I suppose, it is probably cyclical, and a little break could do me the power of good. And February is a pretty good time to have a break. 

It is now March, and the exception of course is Wheatear. The time is nearly upon us. I have been remarkably restrained so far this year, in times gone by I would have been counting the days down from about mid-January. Unfortunately it is a particularly busy period at work and in any spare time I do have my priorities are slightly different at the moment.

I can't wait to see one of these. Brilliant, brilliant birds, and best on the patch of course. The above photo was taken at Landguard.....

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  1. This picture doesn't count. Only this spring's birds do. Nice try...