Saturday 3 August 2013

Dungeness in the haze

An enjoyable jaunt to Dunge today in the company of Mick and Richard. Tremendous heat haze meant we sat and nattered on the beach for most of the day, and I have burnt my face by possibly falling asleep in full sunshine. Possibly. With the two esteemed gentlemen mentioned above, photography was of course the primary mission, and largely we failed. We were not too bothered however, and a selection of Little Gulls and a Black Tern kept the interest up, along with some dead fish and the claw from a two-hundred year old lobster that would have snapped the Cutty Sark in two had it been attached to its original owner. A quick session on the mud late afternoon netted a few GBBs and the like, but mostly a good excuse to waste time in some genuinely nice weather without abusing the shutter too much as there was little point. After my troubles with my lens a couple of weeks ago, it was relieving to confirm that there isn't anything wrong with it and that I still can't do birds in flight with it with any great success.....

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