Sunday 11 August 2013

Audouin's Gull

Ah, home sweet home. A slightly torturous journey with the call to the meet-and-greet airport car parking resulting not in "We'll have the car there for you in ten minutes" but instead "Sir, there's a problem, we can't start your car...."  The jury is out in terms of what happened, though my money is firmly on somebody who was looking after our car leaving some lights on.... The AA came very quickly and sorted us out in about an hour, but it wasn't the nice and smooth trip we were expecting unfortunately. Still, we're back now, and all is mostly well. I've had almost no chance to sort out anything other than prepare for work tomorrow morning, but I have made some time for a very special Gull. Despite my lethargy, I did manage to get out and find a few of the resident Audouin's Gulls. The window was very slim - you get about half an hour of light before the beach becomes too busy with joggers etc and the birds bugger off back out to sea - but I managed a few pleasing ones. I actually tried twice, but by the time I arrived the second time the birds were sat out on the rocks and the bread I threw at them was eaten by fish without a modicum of interest from the targets. Hey ho. So, lots of sunbathing and the like, but amazingly three WP ticks - Eleonora's Falcon, Moustached Warbler, and Red-knobbed Coot. The latter may well be an introduction if my BWP is to be believed, but hey, so is White-tailed Eagle and Crane, so who cares.

If you want to see any more photos from Mallorca, click here, as I'll gradually be adding a few. Not many though, as I was extremely and vastly lazy.

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  1. Jonathan, the blog continues to be hugely entertaining, keep it coming. You may be interested to hear that I recently (voluntarily) spent the weekend at Canary Wharf. Lovely place!