Monday 23 July 2012

Sweet Nothings

Nada to report dear internet friends. I have been slaving away (as usual) and have done no birding. Wanstead resembles the surface of Mars, but with fewer birds. I abandoned it completely at the weekend and went to Kent to look at lovely waders that I have less than no chance of seeing at home. They were very nice, and for once the sun shone and I am a fetching shade of pink.

In other news my commute this morning took over an hour and a half, and I had to stand (eventually) on a bus full of happy French people who were delighted to be in London for the Olympics and were contemplating "du shopping". My commute home took a similar amount of time because the tube was down again (or maybe it never recovered), so instead I walked home from Stratford, which took me past the very subtle Police Base and the Surface-to-Air missiles. On the plus side I saw a Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk, and seeing as the walk took almost 50 minutes, slightly allayed my fears that my neighbourhood is going to turn into an Olympic carpark, being just outside the controlled zone. Whilst the Olympics is no doubt a very exciting event, even for those bitter people who did not get tickets even though they live nearby, I cannot help feeling that the whole thing is going to be a complete and utter disaster from start to finish. Or indeed from slightly before the start.


  1. I read at the weekend that the world's Press thinks we Brits are a bunch of whingers, moaning constantly about the Olympics. I fear you are catching the habit. We've shelled out for them, so I've decided we should definitely try and enjoy them - and why do you think it'll be a disaster? We're quite good at putting on major events, aren't we?

    I managed to get tickets via the French ticketing agent and am looking forward to seeing what wildlife there is in the Park - though I fear it may consist of just a couple of coots and some feral pigeons. Mind you, the Lea Valley's pretty good for sky watching, isn't it, so that offers a good option whilst I'm stuck in an interminable queue to get past security.

    Matt Evans

  2. Matt, do you live 1.7 miles from the Olympic Park?

  3. Granted, no, so perhaps you are witnessing all manner of impending disasters that the rest of us aren't privy to. The start of the school holidays this week has resulted in a remarkably easy and comfortable commute on the Tube (Northern Line and District Line), so I'm more upbeat about how we'll cope with the influx of Olympic tourists later this week.

  4. Is something happening in London? Very quiet out here...

    I've seen a lot of MacDonalds and Coca Cola logos on the telly, missiles and security and plenty of apparently 'important' people getting their faces seen.

    What's going on Jono? Some sort of corporate fair? Economic Summit? How's the running coming on?