Sunday 29 April 2012

Weekend Roundup

- Awake 5.15am with mild hangover following Friday night de-stressing.
- Note rain; go back to sleep until 7am
- Hit Flats, see 4th Ring Ouzel of the year, get wet
- Receive phone call from wife saying son extremely ill, screaming in pain, getting worse
- Run home (actual running), during which engage in frantic conversation re ambulance
- Son perks up on hearing word "ambulance"; nonetheless drive family to A&E
- Family return from A&E; son has pulled a muscle.
- Conclude son is a big girl, or NHS is going downhill. Go birding again, get wet again

- Go to Grays at 6am to view incredible seabird passage on filthy raging north-easterly.
- See nothing, get wet.
- Decide to move to Rainham balcony
- Stop at McDs for breakfast as neglected to bring the £10,000 needed to buy food at Rainham
- Whilst eating breakfast, learn of Arctic Skua at Rainham
- Mild Swearing
- Arrive Rainham, almost immediately jam in on Great Skua
- Sit at Rainham for a further 4 hours, Tern passage peaks at approx 2.5 per hour, get cold
- Return home, stuff face
- Make birthday card for wife (Ringed Plover), referee children (still have 3, muscle improved)
- Write blog, misuse word "write" 
- Consume alcoholic beverage(s)

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