Wednesday 4 April 2012

Finland: Day One again - Siberian Jays and Tits

The Pine Grosbeaks were easily the most numerous birds around the feeders, but we were also hopeful of Siberian Tit (Grey-headed Chickadee in some circles) and Siberian Jay, both northern specialities that you cannot see many other places. Tuulen Tupa didn't disappoint! The Jays came in fairly frequently, but tended to elude the camera most of the time. The Tits came in less regularly - indeed on our final morning, having returned to Tuulen Tupa, we didn't see any at all - but when they did visit the views were sensational.

Oooh, a Pine Grosbeak. How did that get there?

 Tuulen Tupa is a place that I could spend an awful lot of time. The birds are extremely close - an essential ingredient in successful bird photography. Although I used quite a large lens most of the time, something in the 300mm range will be perfectly adequate. In fact I'd say you could likely get away with a bridge camera or one of the point-and-click zooms. You simply don't get opportunities like this in the UK, and not just because of the lack of Grosbeaks. Or at least, not without an awful lot of work. Here it was simple, just bowl up and start shooting. The predominance of white in the landscape means that a grasp of exposure theory will stand you in good stead, but digital cameras make this incredibly easy. I will definitely go back

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  1. Great photo's Jono. I lived in Finland for 10 months and did a lot of birding there. Sadly it was in the early 80's before digital cameras. Can still speak a few words - 'Thank - you', 'Beer' and count to 10. All you need really!. Finlands a great place and had their own famous rock band. The Leningrad Cowboys. Don't know if they're still going.