Sunday 29 January 2012


Some people are just talented. Many people, probably. Most, I expect, we don't get to hear about. They are busy being talented in a worthwhile way somewhere else. Others we gain just a snippet of, now and again, when excess talent spills out from whatever it should have been doing and onto the interweb. You could spend hours on the interweb and find many many delightful things. Here are just a few that I consistently go back to.

First up this one. I have no idea who this person is, or what she does, but in blog form she does it very well. A fellow Londoner it seems, though perhaps not wholly pleased about it. So from the west comes Whoopee, with tales of family life, bicycles, moustaches and special DIY skills. The posting has been sporadic of late, but this great little cartoon reminds me why I bookmarked it in the first place.

Next is Gyr Crakes, from the Channel Islands I think. Not that it matters. I loved Reservoir Cats, shame that went, but this is nearly as good. It must take the guy ages to do the drawings, which means they're relatively few and far between, but they are absolutely spot on in relation to the abyss that is the British birding scene. Long may he find time between marking text books or whatever it is that he does, to continue providing us with these hand-drawn gems. The music videos are similarly sharp, but it's the drawings I like.

Returning after an introspective break, blaming work by the sounds of it, is Emma Waffle from Uccle (a major city in Belgium). If you have the time - and you will need A LOT - then it is well worth a read. I'm still not quite sure why I like it, but I do. Going back a few years it got all emotional and rather soul-baring, but that has now passed, at least in blog form, and she is back to doing what she does best, which is whining about the state of her house, dog, children and adopted nation, and fantasizing about shiny things, owls, and baby animals. A lot of other people seemingly feel the same way, as about five minutes after any post there are usually about a million comments. Just like my blog.

Last but not least, and quite possibly the funniest person that writes about birds on the internet, is Tom McKinney. Apparently mild-mannered in real life, his internet persona is very slightly different, and the easily-offended should look away now. It is said that everyone has a book in them. In Tom's case, it should perhaps have stayed in him, but it has now made it's way onto the interweb, and can be viewed here. Make sure you set aside a full day, and have pen and paper handy to keep notes as otherwise you won't understanding a fucking thing. See, look, I'm swearing - he does this to you, it's like watching Billy Connolly. Serialised adventures aside, there are some terrific posts that I cannot help but laugh out loud at. Sometimes I even read them twice. To give you a flavour try here, here, and here, and then tell me if you think British birding is going to Hell in a something handcart.

No, not much birding this weekend...


  1. Tom is fantastic. He snatched the 2012 Randon's Ramblings Birding Blogger of the Year Award away from you! See