Wednesday 26 October 2011

My new old home

I'm back at Canarius Wharfus Maximus. The very words are depressing. Canary Wharf, a place of shiny buildings and expensive suits. A place with pointless shops and more coffee and smoothie places than are needed in the whole of the UK. Three quid for a tall, skinny, soya caramel latte? Sign me up! In truth, I did not miss it at all. Neither the commute, nor the place. Give me Wanstead Flats any day. But this is irrelevant. I am back.

Home Sweet Home

Nothing has really changed. It is still a concrete jungle with a few pockets of habitat. The stories you read about Blyth's Reed Warblers hopping around in roses at the foot of tower may or may not be true, but take it from me, you struggle to find even a Robin on the estate. Search back through this blog for long enough and you'll find joyous posts about finding some Great Tits (take that Google engines!) and a Wren. Beyond Crow and Pigeon, I've not seen a passerine yet. The place is a desert. My gloom was momentarily lifted today when a Peregrine happened to fly past the very window I was sat at, a smallish male by the looks of it, but on the whole the place is bird free.

Not that I have to go birding anyway, as I am working my little cotton socks off, trying to get my childcare-dulled brain to comprehend securities lending and repo financing. It is a world away from plasticine and colouring-in fairies. It pays better though, which is why I'm doing it. Today, before I'd even had lunch, I had to go to a meeting in a different building. On the way I passed what is officially known as "habitat". Look, here it is.


It looks like someone has actually gone to Habitat, the shop, and bought some of those ridiculous bamboo stems of different heights in white china pots that were so fashionable several years ago, atatched them to a discarded doormat, and then chucked the whole lot over the side of the dock. I'm no ecologist, but what exactly is the point? Maybe they're in fact very very small Phragmites, and I'm as good at botany as I am ecology, and in six months time they'll be crawling with Sedgies. Time will tell. Today they held nothing, a few desultory Mallards avoiding them at the far edge. Highlights today on my walk were two Coots and a Moorhen.
Take that Shetland!


  1. Jono - did we not throw your hat in "Habitat" one time?

    Looking forward to my free curry tomorrow night, as is the tradition that the person with the new job buys.


  2. Yes you did, no more than a metre or so from that photo. Well remembered. Free Phaal on me buddy.

  3. Sadly, I think you may need to change your tagline to "Latterly mostly about drudgery".

    I found myself thinking "well, I guess some habitat is better than none," which is a sort of pathetic commentary on the state of things. Also that Canary Wharf looks a heckuva lot better than a lot of counterpart downtown areas here in the decaying U.S., sigh.

  4. Depending on how this weekend back on Scilly goes, it could remain as OMG OMG OMG. That said, these last three weeks....

  5. Jobs are ok for people who get bored easily.

  6. *twitch* pigeons aren't passerines. Passerines are in passeriformes, pigeons are columbiformes. Sorry.

  7. Brings back nasty memories of the two six month stretches I spent working there. It is indeed a remarkably soulless place