Thursday 23 November 2023

Iceland - May 2023 - Day 3 - Sandgeroi and home

A lovely spring morning in Iceland. May 15th!

We awoke to a blizzard. Perfect, just perfect. With no reason to stay up here, and with a flight late morning, we put Hestaland behind us and headed south to Keflavik. There was just time to dip the Black-winged Stilt again and then scrape in some final birding at Sandgeroi to the west of the airport. This was actually quite successful, and had we had more time we would have likely come back - there is a fish processing plant here and as such the place is very birdy. Hundreds of Iceland Gulls, loads of Waders on the beach, a final Wheatear and rather unexpectedly a few Manx Shearwater out on the horizon. It had been a challenging trip but very enjoyable nonetheless. There is a list of species below, and further detail about exact sites can be found at this eBird link. So that's Iceland done, finally. Next up is New England a mere four days later. I am unstoppable.

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