Tuesday 10 October 2023

Asio karmatus

Another sunrise

I couldn't wait to get out this morning, totally raring to go, and I left in the half light. It was eerily quiet, I couldn't hear a single Redwing as I crossed onto the Flats whereas the previous day it had been instant. The first seeps came from Long Wood but there was no overhead passage. I had assumed that the huge influx of Thrushes and their subsequent move westwards would continue today, but it seemed not. It was cold in the mist and I resorted to counting Parakeets - close to 650 flew east on their morning commute in around 90 minutes. A few Redwing came over, but I didn't break a hundred and was glad I had been out yesterday and had not missed out.

Bob joined me once the sun came up, also hoping for a continuation of yesterday's passage, but probably keener to regale me about the Short-eared Owl he had seen with Simon and Marco shortly after I'd left. I checked for signs of red eyes from constant weeping but they looked fine. In fact I'd go so far as to say he looked pretty chipper, the high-fives, cartwheels and backflips from yesterday seemingly having done him no harm. We'd been together on Centre Path for about ten minutes when the greatly hoped-for but hugely unlikely grip-back occurred. I could scarcely believe it, but managed to retain my composure and gently tap Bob on the shoulder to point out the karmic Owl coming in high from the northwest. He who laughs last and so on. If I don't say so myself this was thoroughly deserved, and was my 12th SEO for the patch after drawing a blank last year. Two days on the trot? Really? Yes really. I was of course delighted that Bob was present for this seismic event, it just wouldn't have been the same without him. Not only was he able to confirm I wasn't engaging in some kind of nefarious entitled string, but I could also relive how happy he was for me having missed out on his celebrations yesterday. 



  1. Jammy but..... you were out there!

    1. I am getting a bit of a reputation for jam, but as you say, I was out there trying to make it happen.

  2. you'll need to publish an updated percentage on the only blog that really matters hey?