Thursday 3 January 2019

A slow start

I have yet to set foot on the patch this year, the day I look forward to most keenly came and went with me having all the energy of a limp leaf of lettuce. I managed a few birds out of the chateau windows on the 1st, and a few more on the commute the following day, but when I tell you I have not seen a Mallard in 2019 that probably tells you all you need to know.

If I still have any lung function by the time this weekend arrives then hopefully I can put this right and get out on my beloved Wanstead Flats to wish Happy New Year to all its avian residents (and possibly some of the human ones too). In the meantime, with my list on a mere 21 and feeling like death warmed up, I bid the same to you. 

This was #2 on the list this year, still stuffing itself daily with peanuts that cost £3 a kilo. I would happily go back to down to 20 if it would just piss off and never come back.

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    £23.99 for 12.5kg