Saturday 1 December 2018

Bunting filler

Back when the Rustic Bunting was in town a visiting twitcher put down a truck-load of seed to encourage it to stay. Not sure it was ever interested however the resident birds definitely were. Whilst the wacky races were underway regarding the Bunting I quietly concentrated on the many Magpies and the pair of accompanying Pied Wagtails. Never did get the Magpie coming in to land with the full wing spread that I was trying for, it's a level of skill some way above what I currently possess, but I had a lot of fun having a go! This was also when I discovered that my lens was broken and needed repairing yet again, damage from taking a tumble in Poland in the spring that I had failed to spot for almost half a year - shows how little bird photography I managed to do this year sadly. There is always next year I suppose. I say this every year.

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