Sunday 5 August 2018

Sunset over the Flats

The rest of my birding weekend did not live up to the glory of Saturday morning, but no matter. I forgot to say that the Godwit was also my 100th bird of the year here. And to think that when I moved here I thought a total of 70 was unbeatable! I went out birding again this morning, but lightning does not strike twice and the Alex was a wader-free zone. The Ornamentals in the Park were teeming with Little Egrets and Herons though, with 27 of the former - a record for me but some way shy of the monster 39 counted last weekend. When I went last weekend only a few hours after the 39 I counted two....

Have some sunset photos. I had a little foray out onto the Flats on Saturday evening and had a play with the camera. Light was nice, but the area struggles with focal points.

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