Sunday 5 February 2017

February doldrums

February is one of the worst months for local birding, sandwiched as it is between the excitement of January where everything is interesting again, and the anticipation of the first migrants in March. By the time February comes around you've seen everything you're likely to see and March is still several weeks away. It has literally nothing going for it. Usually I skip the country but circumstances have conspired against me this year. Not one to sit indoors moping I have been out and trying. And it is very trying. 

Today there was a tiny tiny hint of sunshine at about 8am, and then the sky closed in, the fog re-formed, and the temperature dropped away. In the light mist I considered my options and ended up doing a quick tour of the SSSI where I saw quite a few Reed Buntings, followed by a visit to the Park as far as Perch Pond where I saw some Teal and other ducks, some gulls, and a few small birds like this Robin below. None of them set my world on fire really, although I amused myself momentarily by pointing my camera at a few of them. Then I realised my shutter speeds were for the most part ludicrous and gave up. Feburary is all about giving up.