Sunday 15 May 2016

Wanstead Great Crested Grebes

With my weekend travels yesterday I wanted to stay local today and not drive anywhere. Wanting to catch up with Hobby on the patch, and perhaps jam a Common Tern, I headed to the Park. In the event I got neither of these things but instead spent most of time photographing a Great Crested Grebe with a chick on its back. This species seems to be doing particularly well this year after several years of it not really working. I figured I had not done a post on this species for about five years when I set down this juvenile effort. Today is far more mature, after all there is a child involved. Mostly photographic I'm afraid, during the time I was there nothing happened whatsoever. No fish were brought, the chick didn't acrobatically dive off, nothing untoward at all. A touching scene though and I will try and get down there with more focal length soon.

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