Sunday 9 November 2014

Boring the shit out of everyone

A recent opinion poll suggested that decent photos of Desert Wheatear are the most likely things to bore the crap of out of 95% of birders. It went on to say that the least original bird-related material in November would likely be point-blank photos of Desert Wheatears, and that any blogger worth his salt would be wise to simply decline any opportunity to see the species altogether. Real birders don't go to see Desert Wheatears, only fucking paparazzi do that apparently. 

That being the case, and popularity amongst the digital generation being absolutely at the top of my list of priorities, it would obviously be very foolish of me to go and add to the vast morass of Desert Wheatear shots that now exist online following the east coast being littered with ridiculously showy birds. Fortunately I actually hate Wheatears, they're probably my least favourite group of birds on the planet, and there is absolutely no way I'd bother wasting any time on one of them whatsoever, especially on a weekend when I could have stayed at home picking my nose. No, this blog is going to remain steadfastly original, and I stand in complete solidarity with all those boring, pompous twat-heads who have proclaimed online that they're sick and tired of photos of Desert Wheatears. There will be none of that here, not while I'm in charge. My brothers, I salute you.

With two fingers.


  1. Er.... any more pics to show us Jono?

    Yours sincerely,

    A pompous twat-head

  2. As Andy Warhol said - always leave them wanting less

  3. Bit light on the dessert ear shots isn't it?