Thursday 31 January 2013


I have just been told off by Mrs L. Uh-oh. She has read my blog. The gist of the rebuke was that I am am grumpy and unpleasant. She knew this 12 years ago of course, yet somehow went ahead with it. Nonetheless, I should be nicer and quit moaning. But look, it has gained me an acolyte, as I'm back up to 143! Welcome, whoever you are, to this lovely post about Fluffy Bunny Rabbits.

Not really. I am terminally grumpy. Ranting does get a little tiring though, so here is some happy news: I have sold a photograph. No, really. I can scarcely believe it myself. A graphic designer got in contact via my other website, expressing an interest in using an image on a display panel somewhere in Ireland. I nearly fell of my chair. Anyway, I acted entirely professionally, made up a price, sent an invoice, and very shortly afterwards a cheque arrived in the post. I might get it framed, as it might be the only one ever! Pay the mortgage it will not, but I am dead chuffed. All those hours in a darkened room slaving over post-processing, creating the website, watermarking the's not even that good a photo, but it meets this guy's needs so there you go. As Art Morris would say, it passed the pen test. I am under no illusions as to where my future lies though.
Yup, Canary Wharf. If famille L are to remain warm and fed, C-dub is where I must go. I was there today. And most of this week. It is one of the great annoyances of life that one either always suffers from a lack of time, or a lack of money. Some people unfortunately suffer from both, but not many people are unafflicted by either and can do what they will. I wish I was one of them, but I am not. I often wonder what I could do that I enjoy and that would not involve CW, yet would allow us to get by, and have always concluded that it is easiest to continue what I am doing. Maybe I'm not brave enough?

PS If anyone wants training in ranting, very reasonable rates, do drop me a line.

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