Sunday 18 November 2012

Dip, Breakfast, Dip

A two tdp day! Not had one of those for a long while, but no matter, the sun was out, the camera was humming nicely. I probably deserve a dippy day, I see far too much far too easily, bring back the days of receiving postcards with rare bird news I say. These days you just bowl up and there it is, hence my rapid rise towards the heady heights of 400. These days I am far more interested in seeing birds well than creeping up a list of lists I doubt I will ever feature on.

Dunno, Shaun, Monkey (uncouth), Bradders

So, an early start with DB, Shaun and the Monkey, and an easy ride down to Dungeness for a recently-departed Pallas's Warbler. I gave this all of about ten minutes before sacking it off and having a good old chat to Mick S about Hungary next year. Specifically I learned that if you want reflections in the drinking pool hide in the Hortobagy National Park, then 500mm is too long. Frankly you can't find this out from books, and is consequently very useful gen indeed for someone of my geeky ilk. Forgoeing the Warbler altogether, we headed off hunting for Glaucous Gull via a beach strewn with dead fish. Mick collected a few for Gull fodder, but in the event they were completely unnecessary and the bird - a regular - showed magnificently, although it steadfastly refused to use its wings - no bad thing as I am hopeless at flight photography.

An ill-timed stop for breakfast at a greasy spoon, with quite possibly the longest waiting time on the planet, and Bradders' dreaded mega alert wail went off. Happily not South Shields this time, but a Desert Warbler conveniently round the corner at Samphire Hoe, though if you have been paying attention to the title, you will see it was completely fruitless. Lovely to be out though, and when I got bored of kicking stones I had a pop at some Rock Pipits on the shoreline, of which there were many. A fine day out despite the dippage, and a reminder that trudging round the Flats seeing nothing is not always the best policy.

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